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This is the home page for Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae

Special opportunity!
In the 32nd edition the short mathematical formula sections in the "Mathematical Formulae from the Sciences" chapter have been very popular! If you create a 1- or 2-page mathematical description of a relevant topic, in a similar format, send it to Dan and it will be included here with your name and affiliation.

Here are some additional short sections that have already created
Title Author Date
Coupled Analogues Dan Zwillinger 12/2012
General Relativity Dan Zwillinger 5/2015 (updated)
Max Plus Algebra Dan Zwillinger 5/2015
Radar Dan Zwillinger 12/2012
Significant Equations of Mathematics Dan Zwillinger 2/2013 (updated)

SMTF 32 book image 32nd print edition
  • 32nd Edition, D. Zwillinger (ed.), CRC, Boca Raton, 2011, 833 pages, ISBN 1-439835489
  • There are new short sections on:
    Bezier curves Euclidean geometry cellular automata
    cryptography elliptic curves knot theory
    lattices music p-adic numbers
    polyominoes rational trigonometry rook polynomials
  • New statistics tables included: circular normal probability, contingency tables, estimators sample sizes, runs test, sample size
  • There is a new chapter, "Mathematical Formulae from the Sciences", with short sections on:
    Acoustics Astrophysics Atmospheric Physics
    Basic Mechanics Beam dynamics Classical mechanics
    Coordinate systems Earthquake Engineering Electronic circuits
    E & M Epidemiology Finance
    Fluid mechanics Fuzzy logic Human body
    Image Processing Matrices Macroeconomics Physical Systems
    Optics Population Genetics Quantum mechanics
    Quaternions Relativistic Mechanics Solid Mechanics
    Statistical mechanics Thermodynamics
  • Current errata in PDF format
SMTF 31 book image 31st print edition
  • 31st Edition, D. Zwillinger (ed.), CRC, Boca Raton, 2003, 910 pages, ISBN 1-58488-291-3
  • Table of contents may be viewed here
  • Improvements included:
    • Tables of cycle index and colorings from Polya theory
    • Table of cyclotomic polynomials
    • Table of factorization of xn-1 over F2
    • Table of Zernike polynomials
    • Group tables for small groups
    • Details on the Jacobian elliptic functions
  • Current errata in PDF format
  • An addendum (in pdf) may be viewed here; it contains:
    • tables of voting power for small games
    • the cyclic rule
SMTF 30 CD  image Electronic edition
  • Created from 30th print edition
SMTF 30 book image 30th print edition
  • 30th Edition, D. Zwillinger (ed.), CRC, Boca Raton, 1995, 821 pages, ISBN 0-8493-2479-3
  • Chinese version of 30th edition created in 1998.
  • Table of contents may be viewed here
  • Reviews may be viewed here.
  • Errata for First printing:   (in HTML format)   (in PDF format)
  • Errata for Second and later printings:   (in HTML format)   (in PDF format)
  • Improvements included:
    • Completely re-designed and re-typeset
    • New section on coding theory
    • New section on differential geometry
    • New section on graph theory
    • New section on tensor analysis
    • Integral table corrected
SMTF 29 book image 29th print edition
  • 29th Edition, W. H. Beyer (ed.), CRC, Boca Raton, 1991,
  • A list of all known corrections to the integral tables appearing on pages 217-275 may be found here in

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